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About Orpington Badminton Club

• We are Orpington Badminton Club (OBC), one of the oldest in this area, we've been around for almost 70 years! We have around 25-30 members, all adults of different ages from 19 to 65. Some who play competitive social to county members. Alas OBC sadly does not cater for beginners or juniors.

• We are a non-profit club so at the beginning of the season we just work out the costs of the hall and shuttles and divide it between members.

• We use feather shuttles.

• We have the use of three courts (the whole hall) at The Priory Leisure Centre. Lighting is good and free of any obstructions. There is free parking.They have changing and shower facilities should you need them.

• We have no clicky groups and always promote fair play. Were a friendly bunch but competitive at the same time.

• We have developed a ladder system where similar skilled people play each other for 75% of the night and the rest is via a peg system. How does this work? Around 8 are designated to each group. People play with different partners and the winners of the group can be promoted to another group and losers relegated from that group. - It's great fun! We have found this makes for very competitive games; people love it. When the ladder is not in use we drop down to a peg board.

• OBC traditions promote fairness and getting everyone to have a good night of badminton.

Orpington Badminton Club is currently affiliated by Badminton England

• We cater for intermediate to experienced players throughout the year in Orpington. • We play in league matches against clubs entering in Orpington/North West Kent and Ravensbourne.

• The club currently hires courts on Thursday evenings for our club night between 8:30pm - 10:30pm @ Priory Link Leisure Centre, Tintagel Rd, Orpington BR5 4LG

Club Fees

Our current yearly membership fee is £150 + Badminton England (BE) fee of £25

The season starts from July-July. If you join the club midway through the season the membership fee will be calculated accordingly.

The initial taster session guest fee is £5. Once this has ended the fee will then be £10 per club night for three to six sessions and will be required at each visit. Once the sessions have elapsed (or earlier than that) the committee will vote and then decide whether to invite you to join the club or not. This will be based on a number of factors but specifically we will try for players with a good fit and level of badminton.

When you become a full member please provide your contact details to the secretary so that affiliation can occur through Badminton England.

Match Fees are currently £4 per match.

Club Night Information

Thursday - 8:30pm-10:30pm (Priory Link Leisure Centre)

To assist with the competitive nature of our club, we will every week attempt to get the ladder in action. If this is not viable the peg board system will be in operation. The ladder starts promptly at 8:45pm and finishes at 9.45pm followed by the peg board until the end of the night.

How to become a member of Orpington Badminton Club

If you are interested in becoming a member of the club please complete our guest application form which is located at Contact Us to play at our club night.

To view and complete the guest application form please click on the contact us envelope. Once this has been submitted a committee member from the club will reply to you directly. We look forward to meeting and playing with you!

We have some exciting ideas for the club for the next 12 months!

• Handicapped club competitions

• Members night out with a contribution from the club

• Club T-shirts

• Fundraising events to lower subscriptions

• And lots more...

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